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Mosler MT900S - Mosler from Racing Green Mosler
The Mosler MT900S supercar 0-60mph in 3.4 seconds performance Mosler MT900S is one of the best looking supercars ever with performance to match Mosler MT900S: 0-100mph in 7.5 seconds The Mosler MT900S road car

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The Mosler MT900S is the road going version of the mighty MT900 racer. This extremely successful GT racer has been heavily raced in both America and Europe and the resulting development has provided the basis for the road variant, the MT900S. This car is being produced in limited numbers in order to homologate the racecar for Le Mans in 2007.

"The Mosler MT900S road car was designed to be the extreme performance vehicle. In third-party testing it officially set nine performance records, including 0-60mph in 3.1 seconds," says creator Warren Mosler. "Now that it has passed its testing phase with flying colours, delivery can begin in very limited numbers to a discriminating coterie of racers, collectors, and investors."

The core of the ultra-high-strength, lightweight Mosler MT900S is its advanced composite monocoque. Assembled from carbon fibre and carbon-aluminium honeycomb structural board this monocoque utilises much of the composite technology generally associated with Formula 1 and the aircraft industry. Substantial carbon fibre sills and central spar structures incorporated with the structural carbon front and rear bulkhead, roof and A posts create this ultra-strong and ultra light cockpit environment.

Providing location for the steering, suspension, engine and transaxle are two chrome-molybdenum steel subframes mounting directly to the structural carbon bulkheads of the monocoque. The smaller of the two subframes mounts transversely to the front bulkhead and provides the strong points for the front suspension wishbones and steering rack. The more substantial rear frame runs longitudinally with the car and provides the location for both engine and transaxle as well as the rear suspension.

The mid placed Corvette LS6 V8 provides the power for this stunning road and track capable supercar. Available in up to 7 litres with 540 bhp/ 540lbft the performance is exceptional. This power is transmitted to the road via an inverted Porsche GT3 R 6 speed manual transaxle and limited slip differential although sequential shift race Hewland transaxles are available to harness the power and torque should the car be more track focussed.

The suspension is double wishbone at each corner with damping control being supplied by Penske 3 way adjustable coil over units combined with adjustable front and rear anti-roll bars. Aluminium uprights from the well proven Corvette locate the hubs and wheel assemblies. Steering is manual and the car is available in both right and left hand drive.

As standard for the US market the car is fitted with Corvette brakes for ease of servicing. For European use the brakes have been upgraded to 355mm diameter grooved and drilled ventilated floating disc brakes with 6 piston Wilwood alloy callipers front and rear to provide massive stopping power.

The MT900S rides on OZ Superleggera III 19 inch front and 20 inch rear forged alloy 3-piece wheels fitted with Dunlop SP9000 Sport tyres, Michelin's superb PS2 high performance tyres are available as an optional extra to further enhance performance.

The aluminium engine coolant radiator is situated at the front of the car and is mounted on the carbon fibre undertray. Fully ducted in carbon fibre and mounted to the front subframe the front splitter structure provides the initial crash protection for any frontal impacts.

The rear body section provides the cover for the engine and transaxle and gives location for the adjustable carbon fibre rear wing. This rear body panel can be raised for access to the ample luggage space which can carry a pair of overnight bags together with a set of golf clubs.

Final assembly of the car's chassis, body, internals, suspension, and power train is completed by a team of road car specialists at Breckland Technology Ltd based in Norfolk, England. There, it is transformed into a stunning example of cutting-edge automotive technology and beauty, accentuated by its low-slung, flowing lines and 19 inch and 20 inch aluminium wheels fitted with four-wheel vented 14 inch disc brakes. The MT900S is being developed, engineered and assembled in close collaboration with Mosler Automotive and the Mosler race teams.

The strength and capability of this car has been recently confirmed when Mosler Automotive announced that the Mosler MT900S supercar had successfully completed U.S. emissions and Federal crash testing, including California Air Resources Board (CARB) certification making it fully compliant for sale as a road legal car in America. The car is fully SVA compliant in the UK and is now available built to your specification for road and track use.

The Mosler is an extremely tractable car which could be comfortably driven to Spa, tracked all day and then driven home. The modular approach from Mosler when designing their cars makes for a very practical supercar. The carbon monocoque with front and rear subframes and then front and rear body sections allows for straight forward repair of all but the most serious crash damage. The diagnostic software is GM based and readily available and suspension, shock absorber and anti-roll bar settings are all fully adjustable to allow absolute setup. This solid practical design approach combined with the robust engine and drive train allows for all the GT benefits but without many of the supercar weaknesses.

Racing versions of the Mosler MT900 have been making their mark for several years, winning both the 2003 British GT and 2004 Spanish GT championships, and competing successfully in FIA GT championship races. Currently several international teams from England and Spain are battling for championships with the leading Ferraris, Porsches, and other leading makes.

At the mid-May RAC Tourist Trophy race at Silverstone, England, three separate Mosler entries shared the starting grid for the first time and finished second, fifth, and twelfth respectively and followed that with another class win at the FIA GT race in Imola, Italy. When eligible to race in the U.S. Grand Am series, MT900s won numerous US races, including the Rolex 24 Hours of Daytona in the GTS class.

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